Where has our Compassion and Decency gone?

Australia, where have you gone? The fabled, glorified concept of “mateship” no longer seems to have value – though our “she’ll be right” attitudes and 1950s-era ideas of White Australia are stronger than we’d like to think. Our society no longer sees high value in the “fair go”, even if we still say we do. A questioning patriotism has morphed into bogan worship, too.

At least in some sections of the country.

Not to mention that in the current state of things, these days, the language around politics and ‘social commentary’ and the like has become very ugly. Julia Gillard’s treatment opened my eyes to that – and I reckon it’s only got worse since the moronic fighter* took the reins….

What can we do to change this?
Beyond simply noticing and checking our own words…
EDIT: Highlight “checking your own words” please – I need to do so, as I without irony used tame-but-still-demeaning language to describe Abbott (see the *). Probably because I’m getting so dratted sick of his…ridiculousness.

Inspired by the following – and in this case, reading the comments usually adds to understanding rather than making you wince at trolls: