Dinner! Yum.

(The below image is NOT mine, I got it from here, using a quick google image search. I didn’t think to photograph the meal, as I don’t usually do that sort of thing and it would’ve been too weird to do that anyway, as I was eating with the family.)

Kangaroo burgers with roast veggies

So, I made dinner tonight. Kangaroo burgers with potatoes and veggies (vegetables).


I’m the oldest child in the family and I live at the family home still. My parents have been giving me – and other siblings – chances to cook meals over the past couple of years in particular, with more or less help as wanted/ required. Today I offered to cook.

It’s a great feeling to know you’re the one who’s cooked the meal. It’s especially nice to have the chance to cook at home rather than just being dumped in the deep end when I eventually move out. That’s thanks to Mum and Dad. 🙂
It’s really good because I’m a visual/observational learner – I learn by reading (and copying down) and/or observing other people do it and talking through the steps as I do it myself. Hence the need to have someone on-hand who I can fire off questions too as necessary. I also love packet instructions and google if needed.

Never be too ashamed or nervous to do any of those things – they work.

For tonight, I put as many burgers onto the grill-tray as would fit – luckily just enough for us to have a couple each. We have a grill in the oven that works as a tray at the very top. Once all were in place, I shut the oven door and left them resting in order to do the veggies before turning the thing on.

The veggies were done in two batches: potatoes and carrots in one dish and others in a second. We use the microwave usually for veggies. Potatoes and other veggies like that take about 14 minutes; others take about 12-13.

The second lot of veggies included bok choy, brussel sprouts, capsicum (a bit of yellow, a bit of red), cauliflower, corn and chickpeas. Listing it like that it seems like a lot!

As the veggies were cooking, the griller in the oven cooked the burgers. You have to check them every five or so minutes, flip them and maybe move them around a bit, given that the back of the oven-grill gives more heat than the front. I don’t exactly know how long they took – I’d say that you should give them about 15 minutes, but go by feel.

Then bring it all over to the table and serve. Yum! Real food, cooked by me, enjoyed by the family. Good news all round.

I’m nice and full after that….though I’ll be able to fit in a bit of pineapple – by the sounds of things we’re having that for sweets (known in other households as dessert).

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