Circle of Life

Just a quick note. I had a busy weekend.

On Saturday, I went with my mum and my nana to see the Lion King Musical. It’s on right now in Melbourne at the Regent Theatre and perhaps Sydney and Brisbane too? Anyway, if you get the chance – it’s on until the end of September, maybe October – go to it. It is magical. The costumes … the actors … the set and effects… it’s all there and wonderfully done, building relationships and tension.

Of course, the story was great too. It was my first time watching it on stage and the last time I watched the film was a while ago, so even though I knew the storyline I viewed things with new eyes and, perhaps, a deeper understanding.

They really emphasize Simba’s journey. It might be a simple tale on the surface, but underneath there are deeper meanings; like the fact that, in the end, we’re all part of the same circle of life, playing our part. We just have to choose what part we play, which, while shaped by outside forces, comes down to how we act.

I love the soundtrack. My favourite song is (apart from The Circle of Life) is They Live In You/ He Lives In You (Reprise). Ask me again in a month, though. It might change – all the songs were carried well.

The costumes and set were created from a vibrant mix of various African influences, with a few additions. I loved the way they blended the human actor/ puppeteer with the animal costume. It added an extra layer to the show.

Also, the acting itself was very well done – the cast were well chosen in my view. Scar is wonderfully mean; Mufasa’s complexity of ruler-and-father, responsible-but-compassionate, is strongly illustrated. Nala’s sassiness is highlighted and given fresh prominence; the truly blended nature of Miss Rafiki was masterfully done. Of course, the story focuses on Simba and the actors there do well, especially the adult one.

It’s just a wonderful story, portrayed very well by cast and crew. Cheers all around!

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