Weather and Time


I spent last week at uni at an intensive Auslan (Australian Sign Language) course. Goodness, it was fun. I can hold a simple conversation in Auslan now, I think. Which is very good to know.

It’s been very cold over the past few weeks hasn’t it. I’ll be honest – I’m not a fan of winter, really. Maybe it’s because of where I live, but winter in these parts seems to involve plenty of days where it’s completely overcast, often with a bit of what someone I know likes to call “nuisance -” or “dirty rain”. That’s the drizzly stuff that doesn’t do much except be a nuisance. Of course, there are some good days of heavy rain too. That’s both a blessing and a curse. Add a strong wind and low temperatures and it isn’t the most pleasant.

Rain can give other things a certain beauty, I’ll grant – and without rain there’d be no rainbows.
But still – I’m a sunshine kind of gal. My favourite time of year is the month of November, when it’s nice and warm, but usually not too hot yet – and sunny. Ahhhhh.

I don’t care about the beach or whatever – I just like sunshine. 🙂
After all, for an indoorsy person like me, it’s easier to convince yourself to get outside when the sun’s out.

Right now, the beast called procrastination is hounding me. I haven’t worked on Lily’s Story as much as I’d have liked to over these past few weeks. That deadline is looming, but I keep finding distractions. Oh dear.
Now I’ve got a “legitimate” distraction, too – the last piece of work for that Auslan course is an essay about how linguists know sign languages are real languages, due only a few days before the other deadline. So we’ll see what happens!

I’ve got another couple of posts planned, but there have been a few recent developments with at least one, so we’ll see.

How are things going with you?