Alert! Alert! Beware the Terror of Abbott and Co.’s Scheming

Do they think we’re stupid?

Seriously. I think they must. It looks like they’re trying to increase the war-mongering, including demonising certain sections of society (Muslims, refugees…) in order to get the population sufficiently scared so that they swallow their announcements and pleas to “trust us! We’re the government!”

Well, sorry, I don’t.

Labor (and the Left in general) are painted as soft.

I don’t want the Coalition’s toughness.

When they demonise the ABC for one thing, but use words such as “heads should roll” and commentators include those who thought Julia Gillard should be not just sacked but killed…What are we supposed to think?

“Whose side are you on?” Abbott asks.

Abbott, I’m on the side of truth rather than lies, openness rather than secrecy, measured discussion rather than fear-mongering.

I support the ABC, also, by the way.

“The political far right in Australia is seeking to ingrain an ugly form of Australian nationalism and the term ‘unAustralian’ is starting to be applied to anybody who dares to question, who dares to speak out, who dares to demand social justice for all. That, decidedly, is a Nazi tactic.
Do we, as a nation, wish to continue to go down this path?
Do we, as a people, have the strength to stand up and say NO?
Do we, as individuals, have the courage to publicly reject Arbeit Macht Frei?”
— Keith Davis of the AIMN.

Below is an open letter from AIMN reader Colin Price:

In an open letter to Steve Ciobo (Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs) AIMN reader Colin Price voices his disgust at our government’s orchestrated lies and exaggerations.

To Steve Ciobo,

I know that it is my duty to keep you informed of my will on anything that comes before Parliament, or that should come before Parliament.

IT IS MY WILL that instead of the government of the day taking a manipulative and sensationalised approach to terrorism in this country, aimed at bringing fear to the general Australian population in opportunistic attempts to distract and manipulate – that you and the Parliament take a measured and responsible approach without constant hysteria and lies.

It should be noted that Australia has not had a good record under the Liberal Government in regard to terrorism issues. A prime example of this fact is the case of Dr Muhamed Haneef, his victimisation by the Howard Government, and the resulting compensation paid to him for his very damaged reputation.

Then there is the self confessed “embarrassment” by John Howard following Australia’s involvement (and unquestioning acceptance of the intelligence used) to justify the Iraq war – weapons of mass destruction (that never actually existed).

Intelligence that was inaccurate and quite possibly deliberate deception by the U.S. and Australian Governments. In my view; an act of government sanctioned terrorism.

In regard to the comments by Mr Zaky Mallah on Monday 22nd June 2015 and the reply by Minister Steve Ciobo on the ABC’s ‘Q&A’ panel program – it was a moronic and ignorant display by the minister, who took Mr Mallah’s comments completely out of context.

As clearly shown since on the ABCs Lateline on Wednesday, 24th June – not only was Mr Mallah acquitted of terrorism charges, he has openly spoken out against ISIS.

Mr Mallah has appeared on television numerous times including on Channel TEN’s ‘The Project’ in 2014:

“I am on this program this evening to distance myself from the actions of these individuals, these idiots, these wankers, who are giving Islam and the Muslim world, and Islamic community in Australia a bad name. And for those who are considering to join ISIS I hope ASIO is on to you, I hope your passport is refused, and I hope you are arrested and locked up”.

On SBS’s Insights program in 2012, as a guest along side senior NSW Policemen, Mr Mallah said:

[Interviewer]: “Do you see yourself as a jihadist?

No – I see myself as a freedom fighter if I was to go before the front line, because the Free Syrian Army are fighting for one thing Jenny – They are fighting for freedom”.

Do I feel threatened by reformed individuals such as Mr Zaky Mallah – NO!

Am I concerned about the constant lies, smoke screen, bullying and victimisation against people such as Mr Zaky Mallah, Ms Gillian Triggs, and in the case of Mr Reza Berati, murder? Absolutely.

Am I horrified that the Coalition Government is willing to blatantly orchestrate and lie about ‘Budget Emergencies’, create division by totally exaggerating the real threat to average Australians from the “Islamist death cult” in order to take away freedoms and monitor the private lives of all Australian citizens. Yes I am.

Am I frustrated by the Coalition Government’s stifling of proper and open debate on such critical issues such as Same Sex marriage, and Climate Change?  Yes, and I am infuriated every day.

Do I feel that the current government has the best intention of this country and its people at heart?  Definitely not, and I consider this government (and particularly Tony Abbott) short sighted, evil, dishonest and completely out of touch.

Is the government even remotely operating within its mandate? Well, considering Tony Abbott was lying on the very eve of the Federal election, and hasn’t stopped since … there simply is not even a vague resemblance of a mandate between the Australian people and this abortion and complete joke of a government.

Yours faithfully,

Colin Price

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