“Tony Abbott has never apologised for the lies he told the Australian people” – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Well, The Killing Season didn’t show him in a particularly good light.

Opposition – noun – ‘resistance or dissent, expressed in action or argument. A contrast or antithesis’.
There isn’t much in Shorten’s recent actions or arguments on matters of national security or asylum seeker policy that fits that definition. Where there is a mild attempt at resistance or dissent, it is quickly over-shadowed by full support and endorsement of whatever nasty piece of legislation Abbott and his team of reprobates have conjured up.
Actions speak louder than words.” — Eva Cripps, http://theaimn.com/actions-not-words-bill/.

But. Compared to Abbott and co. …

He’ll do. Maybe. Especially if he does more of this – check it out, there’s a video in the comments and on the AIMN’s Facebook page.

via “Tony Abbott has never apologised for the lies he told the Australian people” – » The Australian Independent Media Network, written by Roswell.

“I have always been among the first to be critical of Bill Shorten, but when he deserves more favourable recognition I want to be among the first to offer it. And he certainly deserves recognition for his speech on Matters of Public Importance in Parliament on June 25 when he unleashed probably the best attack on Tony Abbott since Julia Gillard’s famous ‘misogyny speech‘. But it was not just the grunt shown by Shorten; it was probably the best summary of Tony Abbott’s style of lying and deception ever captured.

You can watch the speech on The AIMN’s Facebook page but to my knowledge it is not yet available on YouTube (yes, I’ve searched). So far only 40,000 people have seen the video—which is clearly not enough. This needs to be ‘out there’.

If you’re not on Facebook and can’t share the video I’ve copied the transcript. Please, let’s help get this ‘out there’ too . . .”

We need more of this from Shorten…please?

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