Climate Action Now, Please

So, did anyone see the Four Corners program on the 15th of June? It was titled “The End of Coal” and was quite interesting. Upshot of the program was that coal is on the way out. It might be around for a little while longer, but both for long-term economic and sustainable futures, we should start moving away from it. Otherwise, we’ll be left behind.

We’re in a situation where recent reports showed that at least 45% of Australia’s threatened wildlife species are moderately to highly vulnerable to climate change. It interlinks with many things. For instance, climate change means more climate refugees. It means more food difficulties and less water for a growing population. It could mean more disease, too.

Climate change is a fact. Even the Pope has recognised this and has published an encyclical about it. We must act now, before it’s too late. Action is relatively cheap, but waiting will prove costly. So, governments, stop dragging your heels!

Get a move on.


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