Writing Update

Ah, holidays. Schedules fly out the window, even the posting ones. Yet we always think we have more time – I think it really means more time to get distracted. 🙂 Ah well.

I am currently sitting on about 70,900 words. Squeak. This is almost a year’s hard work. It’s still not quite finished, too. I’ve been writing chronologically (i.e. starting at the start of the story and going forwards) and had hoped to use these holidays to tidy things up. First though I need to finish the actual story, given that I accidentally found myself writing what could be the climatic point before it was needed.

That’s stumbled me a bit, as I have less ground to build on. Luckily I have a deadline. I must be finished by the end of July, because a loved relative is coming down for a visit then and I have promised to share the story then.

So the plan is to finish the rough story, which includes the fiddling I’m doing now to ensure all my plot points are where they are supposed to be, as well as actually concluding the thing; then, start the editing stage at the beginning of the book; then hand it off to others. It should be interesting.

So, expect more about this then, I guess.

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