Marching for Social Justice – Against a (Still) Unfair Budget that’s just sneakier

The budget recently delivered federally is still unfair in many ways. It’s just sneakier about it.

Consumer confidence might have bounced slightly, but I bet it’ll be a short-term improvement – before people wake up to the truth again.

Two articles (the first an excerpt, the second republished in full as it’s a call to arms):

Tony vs. the red dragon: A cautionary tale.

Tony Abbott’s had a colourful career in politics. The kind of colourful you get when you mix all of your paints together, sort of a dodgy-vindaloo brown. Whether its women doing the ironing or Jesus not wanting refugees to come to Australia, he just can’t seem to keep his foot out of his mouth (to the point where his minders should probably keep him as far away from the media as possible.) If he was ever considering a change of career I imagine that a mash-up of some of some of his more cringe worthy moments with some decent beats might be an overnight hip hop sensation. (Err nope, nope, nope.) But of all his embarrassing blunders and sleazy winks, onion eating and baby kissing, awkward silences and inappropriate weirdness, one particular comment stands out in my memory.

While campaigning with Will Hodgman in 2013, Abbott in one of his more eloquent brain farts described the Greens efforts to stop vast areas of already protected Tasmanian forests from being turned into toilet paper as “socialism masquerading as environmentalism.” One does wonder what he meant by Socialism. Did he mean “a social and economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy“? Did he mean the revolutionary socialism of Che Guevera? Or did he mean “the radical idea of sharing“? It’s hard to see how any of these would make sense in the context. Then again, Abbott is not well known for making sense. Were they just some cleverly crafted words strung together to appeal to his voter base? It matters not.

Whatever confusion may have sprung from the recent budget, one thing is refreshingly clear. Abbott is adamantly not a socialist. His particular oeuvre seems to be a mix of neoclassical economics as proffered by Reagan and Thatcher, the cold war politics of the 1950s, a liberal spattering of British colonialism and a peculiar nostalgia for a time prior to women’s emancipation. Businesses create jobs. Go out and buy yourself a cappuccino machine. Unless he’s trying to create demand for imported coffee beans I really don’t see the point of this. We believe in small government, he blabbers, without thought as to who will deliver expected services or collect the taxation to fund them. We are doing what we were elected to do and that’s getting the economy back on track, he flat out lies, assuming mass ignorance of rising levels of public and private debt and cuts in spending across every portfolio. Except defence and border security, but I’ll get to that later.

The Welfare Declaration

Keith Davis reports that the March Australia NATIONAL WELFARE MARCH in July intends to do nothing less than change the social welfare landscape of this Nation. So far Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and a number of regional centres are joining together to march for social justice for the disadvantaged citizens of this country. This ‘peoples’ movement’ is taking square aim at the regressive social welfare policies of the Abbott Government. We believe that welfare payments are there to support the poor, the homeless, the disadvantaged, and the unemployed, and we do not believe that the rich and the corporations deserve any sort of access to tax-break welfare payments. In July, ONE MARCH can have the power to sway a Nation!” or bits of that thereof …

We Are Marching For Social Justice and Our Aims Are Very Clear. We Will Not Be Distracted From Our Cause.

We Intend to Change The Social Welfare Landscape Of This Nation!

The days of hoping for others to do it for us are over. The days of simply waiting for social justice to come our way are coming to an end.

The days of our public humiliation are about to be swept aside.

No longer will our voices be ignored. No longer will we be ground down by the poverty that has been forced upon us.

No more will we accept the judgement and demonization sent our way by the self appointed political and social upper classes of this nation.

We are taking to the streets. We are building our barricades against unfairness. We are pushing back against the tide of ridicule and suppression.

We are re-claiming our power.

We are not your serfs. We are not your servants. We will not be constrained by your oppression, your judgements, or your ridicule.

We are not animals and no more will we allow ourselves to be confined within the corrals of your Jobnetworks. We will use every means at our disposal to close down your punitive gulags.

We are not slaves. We are not convicts. We will not submit to the chains and shackles of your Work for the Dole. We will not allow you to brutally exploit our labour.

Our homeless are not scum. Our sole parents are not bludgers. Our pensioners are not invisible discards. And our disadvantaged are not blights on your social landscape.

Our unemployed are not Newstart Criminals. Our disabled are not an embarrassment. Our mental health sufferers are not cannon fodder for your funding cuts.

Our Aboriginal brothers and sisters on welfare are not targets for your quarantining experiments.

Our razor wired Asylum Seekers are not your political prisoners.

So we are taking to the streets.

So we are taking you on.

We will picket your Centrelinks.

We will force you to raise Newstart and other benefits above the poverty line.

We will demand our right to live with dignity.

We will demand a Basic Income Guarantee for all.

We will stop the unfair judgement and demonization of all Welfare Recipients.

We will demand that you withdraw welfare payments from the corporations and the rich.

We will demand that you stop attacking the poor.

So we are taking to the streets. We are building our barricades.

And to you, the Government of this land, we say this …



I, myzania3350, will be there. Will you? It’s time to take a stand. As I’ve been saying over and over: we have to make a change, we can’t wait for someone else to. Spread the word!

(Strolls off humming tune to “Do You Hear The People Sing”. Yes, yes, I know, it ended horribly for them. It’s still a bloody good song for this purpose.)