What Are We Going To Do?

Last year, in September, I went down by train to Melbourne on a Sunday, by myself. This was slightly unusual, but it wasn’t any Sunday. It was Sunday the 21st of September 2014. I walked in the March Against Climate Change in Melbourne, as part of a crowd of thousands. It was a good day – the sun was shining, there were plenty of like-minded people to talk to. I even got to say hi to Tim Flanagan! You know, the Aussie scientist who’s done a lot of work regarding the climate and such (and who also has done a few series with that other guy, Two Men In…).

It was great. But none of us forgot why we were there. To send a damn strong message about our feelings. We. Need. Action. On Climate. NOW.

But of course, Abbott and co. are simply content to go on spending and digging….

And it might be too late before we know it.

We should pity the climate change denialists even as we work around them. http://theaimn.com/pity-the-climate-change-denialist/
For one thing, they’re delusional fools.

But when everyone is benefiting from steps taken towards a greener future except us (http://theaimn.com/everyone-can-benefit-from-a-green-future-unless-youre-in-australia/), then we need to do something. For one thing, we need to keep the big polluters out of the climate talks happening soon in Paris.

Then we need to keep talking about climate change so they know we’re not going to forget.