On My Activist Horse Again… Down with Wicked Campers and their Slogans!

The title says it all. Um, TRIGGER WARNING, I guess.

Check these out:

A while ago, I signed a petition trying to get Wicked Campers (& their founder John Webb) to remove their sexist, degrading, just-plain-awful slogans off their vans. The founder said things but did nothing.

As Paula Orbea puts it: “This van PARTICIPATES in perpetuating a toxic and violent perspective about women.

31 women so far this year have been killed by men. This is the sort of thinking that encourages that*! It’s not a joke. It’s not even a little funny. It. Is. F**king disgusting and misogynistic.
(* = see comments below.)

So it’s up to us. Write to a campground you know. Ask whether they’d be willing to ban the vans from their sites. If they’re banned, tourists might stop renting them. This needs to be stopped. Now.

This is the image that started the outrage: