Weekly Round-Up

Hey everyone. How has your week been?

Well, my USB was fixed. Thank you Mum, Dad and electrical shop!

My first placement went well. Oh the kids are great. I’m going to love it there. 🙂

My story is going very well. I’m at 49,613 words and we’re just hitting the middle stuff. My original prototype was 50,911 overall. So I’m feeling pretty good about it.

Characters are funny things, especially regarding names. One of my major sources of names has been my friends. But that’s all they give – no personality or anything or it would be too weird. Especially since my characters surprise me often – frequently regarding their sexuality and relationships (the side-plot stuff), but occasionally something else.

I try to be diverse in my casting. Which can sometimes mean that I’ll assign a name & personality without quite knowing what they exactly look like, beyond perhaps a stereotypical image. I play around with that later.

All the little interesting things.

And I recently commented on a thread over at Chuck Wendig’s site regarding my protagonist, Lily. That’s helped me realise that when I’ve written as much of the plot as possible, I’ll need to go back to the beginning and ensure certain things are fleshed out. Of course, I do that on the way, too, but sometimes I rush and accidentally skip things.

Now to work on some uni things. See you!