Life Lessons Learnt: BACK UP YOUR STUFF

This week has been busy. I’d hoped to write about politics, but instead, THIS happened.

My memory stick broke during class. Not the “trusty USB” I’d mentioned in connection to writing. I wish it had been, because while it would frustrate the hell out of me and the same process would have to be followed, it’s ‘only’ got free time stuff on there. Plenty of *important* free time stuff, but I’d have coped (marginally) better.

This USB is my *uni* USB. It has tons of stuff on there thatI need. Like *assignment work*.

imageHence why this post is titled thus, because of course silly me has not backed up the current year’s work yet. A.k.a., the stuff I need is stuck on a memory chip inside the stick. We’ve tried holding it together and reading it, but that didn’t work. So all I can do is hand it off to Mum, hoping like hell someone at her work can get something to read the chip so I can get my files off there. Hopefully in a week or less.

Oh, and part b) of this lesson – talk to parents/ family/ significant other before attempting to fix it yourself by making executive decisions like handing it off to a computer shop. Even if they grumble and scold, they’ll still be able to find a way of sorting it out in a cheaper, better way. Probably. I hope.

I’ll keep you lot updated.

Just remember: back up your stuff. You never know when something will happen.

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