Change, Bill Shorten, Change!

So, um, that article I linked to last week about Shorten?
This is the answer. My bad. 🙂

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I’ll preface this by saying I am not a member of the ALP.  I am a member of the Greens. Yet I do admit that even under Scott Ludlam, the Greens will not win Government.

The best PM Australia will never have. The best PM Australia will never have.

No! The alternative leader in Australia is Bill Shorten. And, if we listen to vocal ALP members and the MSM and Tony Abbott, he is not doing a very good job.

So what is the job of an opposition leader?

It is to convince the electorate that he, or she, is capable of doing a better job as Prime Minister than the incumbent.

Doesn't he look like Bolt! Doesn’t he look like Bolt!

Last century this was done by putting forward policies which counter-acted the unpopular policies of the Government, or by putting forward policies which the Opposition felt would improve Australia.

But that is so last century. Kim Beazley did that and…

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