A Writing Update


I thought it was time to give you guys another little update…

I’m currently working on chapter five. Keeping to the writing schedule of using the up-and-back journey by vline train means I get currently about five to six hours a week. This is not enough, really. But uni comes first (see previous post). Right now, I’m just trying to write as much as I can in the time I’ve got. Some of the characters are really coming together; others are still a bit blank.

With Chapter Five, I’ve begun an interesting stage. I’ve talked a bit on here about how I’m a plantser – I need a plan to begin, but can then decide on-the-go how the scenes for the day will actually work out. The plan by its very nature is loose. It has a backbone though, for most. But with Chapters Five through to “midway(?)”, the backbone has shrunk, because I just couldn’t lay it out too clearly.

It’s like that bridge over the water which is made of rope and wood, swinging in the breeze… I’m working hard to stride across it without it breaking! I’m helped by this in part because of that narrow timeframe I mentioned before – it forces me to be a pantser more, to develop my writing-on-the-go skills. This is where my “Notes” and “Extracts” docs come in handy (very handy), cos if I get a wisp of an idea for later, or decide that the current scene is good but not for this part of the story, I can jot it down there instead of figuring out where it fits now. I’m also using the “comments” section on Word a lot, so that I avoid wanting to do major edits-on-the-go.

I decided, at the start of the revamp, that I’d title the chapters. Which is funny, given that for this book at least, I’m uncertain about its overall title (though I just got an idea then…). It’s fun.
Another thing that’s fun are subplots (I know <–that is slightly grammatically incorrect, but pish!). There are quite a few in this book/ overall story, revealed bit by bit. This is largely because the entire overall story is influenced – hugely – by stuff that happened fifteen+ years before the start of the book. As you may remember from my post about characters a while back, there are mix of adults and teens, older and younger. Naturally, this means that some will know more than others (even some adults know more than other adults). Of course, no single person – adult or teen – has the same perspective. One of my themes is secrets.

It’s all so fun!