What I read this Week – Review of “Bloodline”

This is a review of Bloodline, a book by Katie Thornton-K (http://www.katiethorntonk.com/). I was provided with a free ebook copy to read in order to review this.

First thing: maps. I can already tell there’s been thought put into the world-building of this novel, because the first couple of pages are full of maps showing things. From the beginning, it gives a mystery, using a prologue to set the scene and give hints as to what is at stake. Good descriptions of characters, including dress, type of voice, etc. I like the use of different points-of-view (POVs). Also, it is set in some sort of pretend-mediaeval times, with “Clans” and kingdoms and some sort of magic involved. Just the sort of thing I like.

As the title – Bloodline – indicates, this is very much a story about the actions of the past being carried down through the years to affect the present; the ties of family and friendship; the choice of wrong and right; fixing past mistakes.

Check it out, it’s a great read.

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