Uni….. What a delightful slog!


I haven’t written much this week.

Uni stuff is picking up. I had my first group assessment on Monday; my first individual assignment due date is one week away. Have to remember census date, too….

Sometimes it can be hard to concentrate or whatever. I’m easily distracted. But other times – like yesterday & today arvo, woo! – everything comes together. A change of scene – say, doing stuff in the uni library instead of going home and trying to do it there – does a world of good sometimes I reckon.

I’m a second year student. Due to a couple of things, I’m doing things part-time (with a special course plan), so that my four-year course will be six years. But I’m not complaining. At school, I was one of the conscientious students who loved to learn and couldn’t help but show it. Just because I’m at uni, doesn’t mean that’s changed. It’s all so interesting…

I’m studying Health Sciences (bachelor) and Occupational Therapy Practice (Masters). I already know that I want to work in Paediatrics when I’m finished. I’m also beginning to consider (only a partly-formed thought, really) tacking on a Grad. Dip. Ed (Graduate Diploma of Education) at the end, given that 2019 will be just placement work thanks to the aforementioned part-time arrangements.

They’d complement each other I think. (For those who don’t know,) Occupational Therapy is a broad discipline. The primary goal of occupational therapy is to enable people to participate in the activities of everyday life. It looks at the Person (values, needs, wants, family), their Environment (place of work, suburb of living, house, regular environments visited) and their Occupations (work/ school, self-care, other necessary activities).
Think of it as us, helping you achieve what you need, want or are expected to do. This may mean modifying the environment or occupation to better support the person.

It’s really interesting. I love helping people and being around kids, so a Paediatric Occupational Therapist is right up my alley. My first placement starts in about four weeks. It’s really very simple I think – basically community service for a local (i.e. Melbourne) school, participating in projects and/or class room support. I can’t wait.


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