Books! And other things. But mainly books!

Hi everyone.
A while back, I mentioned how I hate emails “cluttering up” my inbox. It’s just one of my quirks.
But I do deliberately leave some as unread, in order to sort through when I have time. These usually include ones with links to other websites, as well as stuff I want to remember to write about on here, or book reviews.

I’m a very bookish person. The fandoms post of a few weeks ago showed my favourite things, but it didn’t really scratch the surface of some other stuff. I will read almost anything – though I do prefer a happy ending, or at least a bittersweet one. I read to escape, to explore opportunities of things to be better or different than reality.

Right now, there is a backlog of bookish emails in the inbox which I’ve been ignoring. In order to open even one of them, I had to sort out the document that notes down my “to read/ watch list”. I’d been using a draft email to note down stuff, because the big one was on my trusty USB. Well, I’m discovering that I waited a little long to transfer.

My list was already in the hundreds. But it’s more than doubled now. I need to actually read some of these and not get distracted by other interesting books!

Recently, I’ve borrowed a few books from the local library. I’m working my way through them.

What I’m Reading Now:

And the Mountains Echoed, by Khaled Hosseini.
Status: Finished.
A beautiful book about different forms of love, touching on themes of family; stretching from Afghanistan to Europe and America, across generations. A bittersweet tale.

Star Trek Memories, by William Shatner.
Status: Finished.
Full of backstory and behind the scenes tidbits, including what it was like making the series, cast interactions, his favourite episode and more. Provides a great little look at things; hearing it from the actor’s perspective is interesting and he tries to include more voices than just his own.

I Am Spock, by Leonard Nimoy.
Status: Finished.
A fascinating look at everything Trek from beginning to 1995 from his point of view. He also gives a bit of background on himself pre-Trek, in-between- and after-. As I mentioned above with Shatner’s memoir, reading things from the actor’s perspective is really illuminating. Each described how it felt, being on set – they had exceptionally gruelling schedules including bloody long hours – as well as how it felt to be their characters, especially during certain scenes – both amusing and poignant. Reading this book, in particular, there were some moments that squeezed my heart; his death gives a different tone to things. Each memoir shows the author’s personality quite well in the writing style and such, too.

I Am Malala, by Malala Yousafzai.
Status: Reading in process.
It’s amazing to think that this young woman is only a little younger than me. The way she tells things is so direct, almost innocent in a way, but full of strength.

Oh, and that other thing I mentioned in the title (which I nearly forgot, cue eyeroll) was that I’ve shaved my head for the cure! My 30-cm ponytail was snipped off and is now on its way to the beautiful lengths place to help make a wig. The rest of my hair was shaved off, so I’m now sporting a n#3 cut. Woo! Total raised is $1312….Wow. Donations are still acceptable!: .

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