General Blah and Blogging Netiquette

Hey everyone.
it’s been a busy few days, sort of. Shout-out to all those starting uni again or for the first time.
I’m in second year, woo! I’ve got a class soon, so I’ll make this quick.

The post is prompted by a couple of other bloggers’ posts. First, Carly, of the Tune Into Radio Carly blog, posted a thing about her writing routine, which got me thinking about my own –

It varies depending on what I’m writing. I’ve already explained how most of my story-writing is done on the vline train going to and from Melbourne. Getting back into that routine has been great this week. I’ve finished almost three entire chapters of the revamp, yess!

For other stories it’s a bit different. When I wrote lots of fanfic, I’d use a “documents” app on my iPod Touch, at least for the outlines and occasionally more. Though it’s true the majority of all writing is done at a computer. The iPod Touch is also used to check emails – but most emails with links to other pages are read on a computer.

My memory stick (USB, or whatever you want to call it) is invaluable. I back up stuff to Google Drive every now and again, but my main tool is my memory stick. I prefer – at least with story-writing – to use a windows machine with Word.

Blogging is different. I usually do the writing of the post all at once online. Though if I run out of time I’ll save it as a draft and continue later. Same goes if it’s a post that needs a bit of consideration.
I base blog posts on stuff that’s in my head which I’ve explored in my personal diary, or stuff that I’ve seen on the news.

One thing – this blog is an exploration of myself. My views and such about the world and things. I hope to be open without being too oversharing, exposing myself while hopefully keeping others anonymous.
In blogging, we put ourselves out there. “Everyone” knows the dangers of that. But I’d just like to say, I much prefer being real to being plastic. Those who wish to pour hate on such openness can buzz off.

I’ve seen some real, raw posts from some people. Like Eden from edenland ( Her story – about love and loss and grief and hurt and being broken and slowly being okay again at least some days – is real. I’ll take that over some plastic talk any day.

I love comments. Luckily, the ones I’ve got so far are all good. I also love discussion. But there’s a difference between discussion and spewing vitriol. I can tell the difference.

We all can. Let’s build up, rather than down, yeah? Taste the realness, not the fake stuff.

Gotta go.