Where is the Compassion, Mate?

It looks like I’m doomed to keep alternating happy posts with angry ones thanks to the tripe that’s going on.

The government has attacked Gillian Triggs for speaking the truth. They are ignoring the cries for help from the children and others locked up in detention centres.
The centres cost billions of dollars each year to run – but they’re certainly not five-star facilities. They create mental anguish and despair within so many asylum seekers inside them, not knowing when they’ll be free. Labor did this too – the current guys are worse though.

Where is the compassion? The govt are so blinded by ideology. There are better solutions. Like actually having the guts to talk to other nations about a true regional solution, e,g, a multinational agreement where some of that imprisonment money would be instead used to help the countries bring their own facilities up to standard.  That could “stop the boats” humanely.

The government try to divert our attention from their slander and complicity by creating a massive beat-up around national security. In so doing, they – especially Abbott – put the focus on others in the community, like Muslims. Most of whom are law-abiding citizens who only want to live their lives in peace. Abbott and many of his cronies do not understand. They do not want to; after all, with words like “us” and “them” and “Team Australia”, it’s obvious that they’re just looking for a scapegoat.

I’m just so tired of this. Abbott and his government are not fit to be leading this county. They’ve made us go backward on so many things… his bully-boy tactics in opposition changed things – the backsliding of conscience, earlier halted, began again then, as he goaded the masses from the Opposition Leader’s chair.

His game is nearly up, now. But unlike us, his colleagues are more concerned about his lack of finesse in delivering the “message”, rather than the message itself it seems. And the other parties scent blood, posturing while letting him have all the rope he needs. But it still feels like tit-for-tat, he-said-this-but-we’ll-do-better politics.

If a spill is called; or even when (if, I suppose) Labor win the next election, what the hell then?

We’ve slid down so far already – it’s going to take people with a lot of guts to haul us back up.

Muslims are the latest in a line of scapegoats, along with asylum seekers, the unemployed, sick and the elderly, etc., conveniently used and re-used by Abbott and co. – and others – when things are looking down and they need a bit of a boost. After all, the old saying goes that “everyone” loves a government that talks tough on law and order.

Lately, I can’t help but think, when I hear that phrase, of a quote from a series of books called “The Immortals”, by Tamora Pierce: “Someday I must meet this scholar Everyone, [Daine] thought, …. He seems to have written so much, all of it wrong.”
I am not everyone.
What I wish for is a government that looks to the future for long-term investment and prosperity, instead of short-term ideology-based gains. A government that looks after the poor (-in wealth, -in spirit, -in health) instead of catering to the rich. A government that acts on the pressing problems of our time – like climate change, increasing numbers of refugees, flare-ups of conflict globally, etc. – with true vision. A government that is not afraid to speak out as well as act – but is measured in doing so, instead of hastily posturing aggressively.

A government and leader with the guts to stand up and declare that enough is enough; and begin that struggle up the slope, back towards the Australia we could be – and beyond. It will be something of a struggle; after all, as J. K. Rowling said through Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, “the time should come when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy”. A government that is not afraid to show real Compassion.

We must begin – with the first step. It’s up to us to build the Australia (and world) that we all want to see. It might be easier to stay silent – but it is not necessarily right.









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