Catching Up on Emails (Or, a bunch of interesting links).


So, the past couple of weeks has been sort of busy – going to the Australian Open last Thursday, barbeque with friends Saturday, seeing a new cousin Sunday, fireworks Monday, and various other summer-type things contributing to general laziness.

As a consequence, I’ve “fallen behind” in things – I haven’t done any story-writing for a while (eep, damn and blast it!) and also, my email inbox has become steadily more cluttered. Guess which one I solved first, and which took most of the day, thus turning a possible post about writing into something completely different?

That’s right, emails. I hate having unread emails in the inbox. I suppose it’s my own unacknowledged version of FOMO.
I also am a bit fussy about what I open on my phone/ iPod touch compared to computer, given a lot of my emails now have links to websites. So, today’s clear-up day, sitting on the computer, scrolling through, checking to see what petitions etc. I need to sign, or articles to read, and share.

Mmm, articles. Here’s a bunch from the Australian Independent Media Network – with the ludicrous events occurring in Australian politics now….: – for all those in QLD heading to the polls this weekend. – most of our elected MPs are not public servants but politicians. This should change. – see above; there are none, really, in government (federally; not sure about state yet) who have futuristic vision about what we should be. It’s all just economics and harsh policies. ;( – they’ve got the keys to the house, the car and all the goods, and they’re only sharing with their mates; the rest of us can stay out. – don’t bother turfing out Abbott; it’s still going to be the same mantra, and a one-term government. – The paternalistic sexist mogul is throwing Credlin (a Woman) to the wolves, in the hope that saves Abbott (the Macho-Man). Sigh. – once a paternalistic tosser, always a paternalistic tosser… – Salesmanship politics. – We’re again focusing on some of the lesser things; though at least this time it wasn’t quite “deliberate”. E.g. Blathering over a kighthood, instead of one of the number of “reforms” the government has been trying to push through… Don’t forget the big picture. – globally, where has our humanity gone? – in the West, we are a bunch of hypocrites. – and we need to be careful; freedom of speech is not the same as respect. – the right to work as a right of citizenship. “Demand” economics, not “supply” economics. – is Jan 26th the right day for national celebration? What’s the significance, anyway? – an article was published highlighting reports showing how bad things are going to be in the future regarding climate (especially in Australia); but within a week, the reference links used from the CSIRO were removed….

I promise that next time I write here, I’ll talk more about my progress on on my stories. We-ell, with a bit of fluff thrown in. Bring on Saturday, is all I’ll say for now.

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