Catching Up on Emails (Or, a bunch of interesting links).


So, the past couple of weeks has been sort of busy – going to the Australian Open last Thursday, barbeque with friends Saturday, seeing a new cousin Sunday, fireworks Monday, and various other summer-type things contributing to general laziness.

As a consequence, I’ve “fallen behind” in things – I haven’t done any story-writing for a while (eep, damn and blast it!) and also, my email inbox has become steadily more cluttered. Guess which one I solved first, and which took most of the day, thus turning a possible post about writing into something completely different?

That’s right, emails. I hate having unread emails in the inbox. I suppose it’s my own unacknowledged version of FOMO.
I also am a bit fussy about what I open on my phone/ iPod touch compared to computer, given a lot of my emails now have links to websites. So, today’s clear-up day, sitting on the computer, scrolling through, checking to see what petitions etc. I need to sign, or articles to read, and share.

Mmm, articles. Here’s a bunch from the Australian Independent Media Network – with the ludicrous events occurring in Australian politics now….: – for all those in QLD heading to the polls this weekend. – most of our elected MPs are not public servants but politicians. This should change. – see above; there are none, really, in government (federally; not sure about state yet) who have futuristic vision about what we should be. It’s all just economics and harsh policies. ;( – they’ve got the keys to the house, the car and all the goods, and they’re only sharing with their mates; the rest of us can stay out. – don’t bother turfing out Abbott; it’s still going to be the same mantra, and a one-term government. – The paternalistic sexist mogul is throwing Credlin (a Woman) to the wolves, in the hope that saves Abbott (the Macho-Man). Sigh. – once a paternalistic tosser, always a paternalistic tosser… – Salesmanship politics. – We’re again focusing on some of the lesser things; though at least this time it wasn’t quite “deliberate”. E.g. Blathering over a kighthood, instead of one of the number of “reforms” the government has been trying to push through… Don’t forget the big picture. – globally, where has our humanity gone? – in the West, we are a bunch of hypocrites. – and we need to be careful; freedom of speech is not the same as respect. – the right to work as a right of citizenship. “Demand” economics, not “supply” economics. – is Jan 26th the right day for national celebration? What’s the significance, anyway? – an article was published highlighting reports showing how bad things are going to be in the future regarding climate (especially in Australia); but within a week, the reference links used from the CSIRO were removed….

I promise that next time I write here, I’ll talk more about my progress on on my stories. We-ell, with a bit of fluff thrown in. Bring on Saturday, is all I’ll say for now.

Flash Fiction Friday – Courthouse Edition

I want more. Great story. Loved the way the characters were “drawn”, and the twist at the end.

Angela Cavanaugh

As I sit and type, I am on a computer in the courthouse, waiting to find out if I’m going to be called as a juror or not.  It’s pretty great that they provide computers, otherwise, I’d be bored out of my mind.


Aaron took his seat along side the defendant as the trial was called to order.  He straightened his tie and tried to ignore the fact that his client was one hundred percent guilty.  

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