A note about Religion, in light of the current hoopla occurring in some parts….

I’m part of a FB group called “Non Muslims Supporting Muslims”. We have some great conversations on there. An article was recently linked on there which I though was too good not to share: http://www.islamicwritings.org/quran/peace/does-the-quran-teach-violence/
It makes the point that “It is important that we study the religious texts in their proper context. When these texts are not read in their proper textual and historical contexts they are manipulated and distorted. It is true that some Muslims manipulate these verses for their own goals. But this is not only with Islamic texts, it is also true with the texts of other religions. [One] can quote dozens of verses from [e.g.] the Bible which seem very violent, if taken out from their historical context.”

I have long supported this, and I’m not the only one. Context is everything with religious texts – most are after all, quite old; while still relevant for guidance, some parts are naturally constrained by the social mores of the times they were written in. So, be careful, okay? If in doubt, ask someone who has studied the texts – a priest, imam, rabbi…

Don’t judge.

#SydneySiege: We Will Not Go Down

Totally agree with Amne Alrifai. I’ve been following her for a few months now, ever since I realised that I’d like to hear a Muslim perspective to things. As she says on her blog, she “happen[s] to be a 20-something-year-old-Muslim-Lebanese-Australian-Daughter-of-Migrants”, a “scientist by trade and a dreamer by instinct… tending to invest all of [herself] into social justice”.

Her perspective has been great. It’s just one opinion – her own – but it certainly gives a good insight into aspects of one Muslim woman’s life. And in this blog post (linked below) she gives a proud assertion which, as I said above, I totally get behind: one psychopathic man who happened to call himself Muslim – though his actions demonstrate otherwise, really (again, see below; as well as numerous other condemnations) – one guy like that is not going to tear us – the wider community, the 99% of Aussies of all types – apart. This is not terror 

We are all Australian. Like that Hunters & Collectors song: “whatever world you come from/ whatever tongue you speak” – and whatever religion and skin colour.

I am, you are, we are Australian. #Illridewithyou – with all of you. We ride together.

#SydneySiege: We Will Not Go Down.

On that note – as Amne also says, our thoughts should be with the victims of this tragedy right now. Those who died should be remembered and honoured in our thoughts; those who made it out, and their families, and the families of those who died, need our support and thoughts as well – they deserve all the help that they need and more at this time.

I also hope that it means they get some privacy – in true Aussie terms, I say, bugger off, media vultures. In a contest between sensationalism and respect, I vote for respect. Please. Luckily, from what I’m seeing, most agree with me.
Gina, another blogger, puts this best- https://aussieg.wordpress.com/2014/12/15/breaking-news-how-much-is-enough/

Also, while we’re in shock over what’s happened here, spare a thought for families of 141 people (many of whom children) who were killed in a callous attack by the Taliban in Pakistan – http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-30491435.

That is all.