Have yourself a cheaper little Christmas… I made a wreath!!.

A little Christmas wreath-making from Jack Munroe in the article above. Seriously, check her blog out – it’s great.

Now, a little thing about Christmas itself: I love it. Not the consumeristic, plastic thing that plenty of corporations seem to want it to be – the kind that is all about wanting and buying and needing x, y or z. But the real Christmas of giving, spending time with family and friends and having a good time – colour me idealistic, but isn’t that what it’s supposed to be?

Also. I do happen to be Catholic. So of course the holiday takes on a certain special significance. I look around, and in the giving and the coming together, I’d like to think I see an embrace of the wonder that is joy and celebration of a new birth. Does it matter if some things about the Christmas story don’t make sense? I think looking at the story like that takes the magic out of it. When I say magic, I mean sense of wonder and joy.

Whether events happened or not, the fact remains that the story, set in the context of the times it was written in and such, provides a way for people to live well. By embracing love, hope and action for a better world.

Of course, it is not the only religion to do so. As I understand it, if one looks at many religions in the context of the times they were written in and who they were written for, then many have themes of love, faith and hope within them. It is not the actions of the texts themselves that cause harm, but rather peoples’ interpretations of them. Flawed humans, prone to making mistakes, remember?
….And I hadn’t intended this to be a rant. Oops.

Anyway, whatever your celebrations in the coming weeks (or if they’ve already occurred), I hope that you stay safe; that you experience joy and wonder at this time; and that you have a chance to rest in order to renew yourself.

As we say at church (and I mean this in all sincerity), peace be with you.

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