Liveability and Community

Liveability: and

Community is a big thing. In more ways than one.

Going all sociological again (yeah, I know, I know)…

Community – overall key characteristics:
A group of people
Maintain regular contact
Share similar interests, beliefs & values
Striving for a common goal
Share sense of belonging

So. A community can be defined as a group of people who have regular contact. They share similar values, beliefs and interests. They all strive for a common goal and share a sense of belonging.
Does that sound familiar?

The Concept of Community – divided into two types:

Traditional (often rural)
Face ­to ­face contact
Kinship ties
Location based
Strict moral code (often influenced by church)
Social cohesion
Culturally homogenous
Close­knit, intimate ties

Modern (often urban)
Not bound by location
Impersonal relationships
Fleeting ties
Selfish interests
“Contractual” attitude
Diverse/ culturally heterogeneous
Social conflict can arise
Laws and moral code not as bound or based on religion/ family/ other traditional beliefs

See you later.

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