Liveability and Community

Liveability: and

Community is a big thing. In more ways than one.

Going all sociological again (yeah, I know, I know)…

Community – overall key characteristics:
A group of people
Maintain regular contact
Share similar interests, beliefs & values
Striving for a common goal
Share sense of belonging

So. A community can be defined as a group of people who have regular contact. They share similar values, beliefs and interests. They all strive for a common goal and share a sense of belonging.
Does that sound familiar?

The Concept of Community – divided into two types:

Traditional (often rural)
Face ­to ­face contact
Kinship ties
Location based
Strict moral code (often influenced by church)
Social cohesion
Culturally homogenous
Close­knit, intimate ties

Modern (often urban)
Not bound by location
Impersonal relationships
Fleeting ties
Selfish interests
“Contractual” attitude
Diverse/ culturally heterogeneous
Social conflict can arise
Laws and moral code not as bound or based on religion/ family/ other traditional beliefs

See you later.

Key Issues #4 and #5

love The Conversation articles.

Here’s some on Health: and

Healthcare is really important to me. My uni degree is in Health Sciences and Occupational Therapy; I enjoy helping others. But it needs to be equitable and accessible. The govt is trying to ensure that it’s a tiered system. They seem to think we won’t notice….

and Education: and

Education for all is really important. There’s been plenty of stuff written on how good education sets people up for life. Education should also be equitable and accessible also. Like Malala says – “One child, one book, and one pen can change the world”.

‘Nuff said.

So, you know how I was saying the govt don’t speak for me….?

Read this article:

Maybe I’m just being a paranoid left-leaning young person, but. A lot of the points made sorta fit at least some Aussie politicians. Not all, of course. I have to say, I’m pleased with the way some of them conduct themselves. But others, well….

Read it, and be aware.

Also – I think the stuff in this article ( is sad. They have to abide by Australian law and a “Code of Behaviour” that says pretty much the same things anyway? What the actual heck?