The Doldrums

Ugh. This is happening to me right now too, with my story. Instead of a character, it’s the plot (and possibly setting as well). I have a fork in the road, and I *think* I know which way I want to turn, but that way is murky and *blah*. I’m a planster more than a pantser, so…. On the other hand, I just need to push forward, write the damn plan to clear the fog from that path, then recommence written work. 😛
“Gumption trap” – I’ll have to remember that phrase….

Accidentally Inspired

It’s no secret I’ve struggled with the editing of this novel. The highs are stratospheric and the lows are Death Valley-esque.

But I’m in the midst of an issue that I am unsure of the cure for. I feel rather like I’ve set off on the Oregon Trail, but I didn’t pack nearly enough provisions and all I can do is watch my livestock and then my family wither and die in the wilderness. (You have died of dysentery.)

I had the “brilliant” idea a few weeks back to add a new character to the story. He’d bring balance to the force, I thought, and provide some growth for certain characters while getting in the way of others. He’d plug up plot holes and give me a path to a much cleaner resolution than the one I wrote the first time around. In short, he’d fix my problems.

Now, I’m…

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